09 October 2011

france vs. italy or italy vs. france

I realized a few things during the 'Italy and France shoot adventure' (starting with landing in Milan, driving to Franciacorta, driving to the Cinque Terre coast, ending in Genoa, train to Nice, Italian train strike in Ventimiglia then quick 10 minute 80 Euro cab ride over the border, another train to Nice, a few days there, another train to Paris, drive to Fountainbleau with a little rock climbing on the side, drive to Charles de Gaulle, sit in 3 hours of traffic, flight to SF, mini wine bottles most of the way home):

- Italian drivers are the BEST. They have a mission and they’re not afraid to ride your bumper. I brought back some of the same driving skills to SF. I am the one behind you honking while you do 15 mph in a 40.
- No matter how good your GPS is, you’re probably going to end up on some muddy mountainside road blocked with some mountain animal.
- The more camera gear I carry on my back, the more I will eat pasta and heavy creamy stuff.
- If I have an absolute, nailed down shot list, 99% of the time it’ll be thrown out the window and something even better comes out of shooting in the moment. Less concrete = more fluid = sexier.