26 September 2011

detroit rock city.

Detroit. This is where I’ve been shooting for the past week. My friend Shawn inspires me to experience each assignment city so that I don’t fall into the cycle of shooting 10 hour days, back to the hotel, TV, room service, and repeat. So this time, after our shoot wrapped, it was downtown Detroit, totally surreal. Driving through, it felt like a war zone; every other house is abandoned, every other factory is a busted out shell, and some blocks are essentially a modern day ghost town. Because a lot of the buildings are owned by the city, you can easily walk in without technically trespassing. Even if you were, the cops have better things to do then to bust some 5 foot tall lady with a camera. These are from the Fisher Body 21 plant, used for car body assembly, and the Packard Car Plant, once a legend for building high end autos.

All I heard was the sound of dripping water (remains of the storm from the day before), the echo of footsteps, and occasional wind gust.

16 September 2011

be small forever

I want to recreate something bigger and brighter and more strange than it really is. This is the only way I feel like I can really make things interesting after the fact. Seeing them in real life is boring. The reality is boring. But when they're recreated, the unreal possibilities can be perfect. I miss the way I saw Paris and Provence when I was little. Everything was like a dream. Why did I remember some things like it was yesterday more than others, like how the cold cobblestone felt on my knees or the sound of the rocks on the beach being sucked back into the sea while my head was under the salty water?

I tried frozen lemons with citron sorbet for the first time. And now what I'll remember is the sound of my spoon scraping the sides of the frozen lemon. We can probably make a tiny symphony with only those sounds - rocks, water, scraping.