07 May 2008

big sur bakery

I just bought a 4x5 view camera and I forgot how fun it is to shoot large format film. The age old debate of film vs. digital is based on so many factors, mainly cost and turnaround time, which is one of the reasons why I'm almost 100% digital. But when the rare opportunity arises that a client has a budget for film or that they give me a lot of creative freedom with a job, I throw in some film images for a nice treat. It makes me happy and renews my love for all things photography.
These images are of Phil, the head chef, and Michelle, the pastry chef, from the Big Sur Bakery book project, which is wrapping up this month.
I also forgot that Polaroid went out of business, so 50 sheets of film is now nearly 100 bucks. So instead of pulling polaroid like there was no tomorrow, I was thinking of $5 bills being torn up before my eyes.