29 December 2008

quiet dessert

we pass the time of day to forget how time passes

28 December 2008


I just read a quote from Catcher in the Rye where Holden Caulfield describes who the catcher in the rye is: "...all those children running about on the edge of some crazy cliff with no adults around to stop them falling over the edge..." I thought this was very pretty and I wanted to pair it with this shot of my cousin Ethan.

09 December 2008

polaroid house

A friend of mine recently showed me a link on Flickr (which can suck you in just like Facebook sucks the life out of your eyeballs) about a house off route 5 north an hour away from LA. So, on my way back from my last visit, I found it. It was called the 'polaroid house' - nothing more than an old, dilapidated, abandoned house filled with polaroids. I didn't find it as exciting as I had hoped, but I have a thing for old houses and I brought my camera, so this is what I have for you.