07 March 2008

thoughtful Ben and Haley

Tim's niece and nephew, who, by the way, can beat you in chess in less than 10 moves.


Dmdieu said...

I found your website from the PDN article and have been lurking for a week or so. I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your work!

: the remington ride : said...

Thanks so much! Keep lurking, since I have updates all the time...

Jessica said...

Found your site on a blog as a favorite and I understand why.
Everything here & on your site is amazing.

This photo is precious!

: the remington ride : said...

Oh Jessica, you're too sweet! Keep checking back - I'm trying to create a fantastic photo resource for photographers. Also check out Timothy Archibald's: http://timothyarchibald.blogspot.com
He's amazing.