14 March 2008

finally, a look into the mind on the other side

I recently discovered the fabulous blog, A Photo Editor, and have been in love with it for weeks now. APE is Rob Haggart, the former photo editor for Men's Journal and Outside Magazines. In my experiences thus far as a freelance photographer, I often feel lost in a sea of industry questions, rhetorical and otherwise. It's so nice to have this information hub from someone that has experience on both sides of the table. Not only that, it's honest, straightforward, and Rob really makes a point of bringing you back to the reason why you love photography in the first place.


sophia said...

wow...this is a great resource for photographers. pre-baby, i had a short stint freelancing as a photographer doing some editorial work. i was so "green" to shooting for magazines, and i didn't have too many resources to fall back on. I remember always having to rely on the trusted people i met along the way (whom i am forever grateful for!) in the business to answer my many, many questions.
thank you for sharing this...

p.s. your work is absolutely lovely. i love all three books on your website!!

: the remington ride : said...

Thanks, Sophia! I totally agree; sometimes photographers get trapped in a box and feel like questions go unanswered. I love this guy - such great info. Keep checking in!