19 December 2011

take out the reaction of the person on the receiving end of your 'yes' or 'no' decision...

...and you'll learn to trust what you want and need instead of what you think others want you to want.

I found a box of old photos, unorganized, there for no other reason in that it gives me joy to forget about them and discover them again and again. A shot of my dad in his 20s with a very important mustache caption, my grandpa looking charming at a party in the 70s on the porch, my mom and dad’s wedding gifts circa early 70s, and a love letter from my grandpa to my grandma before they were married (previously posted in 2008)- all surreal and lovely and create a non-cohesive story of comfort, family. Below are bits and pieces of the love letters all in one:

One week from today we will be well on our way. Whether north, or south, or east, or west, which direction is the best? Keep on guessing Katie dear, and before very long I'll be near...Freddy and I went to the movies early this afternoon and saw Primrose Path. It made us lonelier...I really felt lonesome about 8 o'clock Saturday night when I usually called you, and I knew you were thinking of me too Katie. I really have missed you so much. All the clothes in the store windows remind me of the things you like and the dresses I hope you can wear. Katie dearest in less than a week we shall be with each other and will have so much to say...I'll write you again before I leave. If you get a chance write me a note in Rochester, a last line for your best boyfriend. I love you dearly. Your, John.