13 February 2008

The Sketchbook Project.

My friends Vanessa, Rebekka, Lauren, Liz and I decided to make a sketchbook years ago because we all were tired of having lots of ideas and creative energy but no outlet where we were free to do whatever we wanted. Even though this book has taken a slow turn we still manage to muster up anger, happiness, sadness, altruism, love, hatred, nausea, inspiration, indifference, hunger, etc. etc. every month and pass the book on to the next person. Liz Allen included the third one down, which is really beautiful and reads:

The way my heart has felt in the past year:
-like an avocado
-like a hallowed out avocado
-like a little sprout was forming
-like grass was tickling the walls
-like weeds tickling the walls
-like dried leaves and dead wood chips
-like a solid block of ice
-like a dirty ice cube in warm water
-like a hallow plastic replica with branches
-faded away or a ghost
-absent vs. thin air

More sketchbook images to come...