14 February 2008

love letters

A few years ago I helped my parents clean out my grandparent's house after my grandfather (Papa Doc) passed away. Not only was this interesting because we got to see everything my grandfather left behind, but I think it was nice closure for my parents. I often find myself snooping through other peoples' medicine cabinets, closets, and kitchens to see what kind of story they have lived (I know you snoop too), so this was really super because I had a personal connection to much of the stuff in the house. We found a lot of old love letters that my grandfather wrote to my grandmother before they were married. What better what to celebrate Valentine's Day than to read my grandfather's scandalous thoughts from the 30s and 40s. I love the picture of him above; he looks like a happy-go-lucky Lenin. Below are some excerpts from a few of his letters:

One week from today we will be well on our way. Whether north, or south, or east, or west, which direction is the best? Keep on guessing Katie dear, and before very long I'll be near...Freddy and I went to the movies early this afternoon and saw Primrose Path. It made us lonelier...I really felt lonesome about 8 o'clock Saturday night when I usually called you, and I knew you were thinking of me too Katie. I really have missed you so much. All the clothes in the store windows remind me of the things you like and the dresses I hope you can wear. Katie dearest in less than a week we shall be with each other and will have so much to say...I'll write you again before I leave. If you get a chance write me a note in Rochester, a last line for your best boyfriend. I love you dearly. Your, John.


Mel said...

Beautiful, it gave me the chills reading that letter, so sweet and so amazing to be able to read those!

Nick said...

Hey Sara... That was very nice.

ToTomel said...

Hi,i searched for images of letters and i got across your blog. i borrowed the pictures for my post credited to you.