19 July 2011

en français, si vous plait

1. the sound of rolling thunder while the big dog snores on the tiles as you eat bread with honey.
2. thoughts as a run on sentence like this: what if bees wore tiny leisure suits and had tiny briefcases because it's like grand central station and wall street all wrapped in one in a big sunflower field and they are paid in honey!
3. relive your life a second time exploring a tiny detail.
4. chocolate on your face.
5. broken french.
6. melon and croque monsieur and yogurt and rose.
7. delicious.
8. c'est tout.


Rathnashikamani said...

Amazing images!

Chez Us said...


Nani Steele said...

Delicious everything!! I saw gooseberries, and love, love the back seat of the car!!!

: sara remington : said...

merci merci...I want to go back and roll around in the french grass and relaaax.

Peter Bagi said...

You're always so good at being at the right place at the right time. I think you have fantastic technical skill but it's your timing my dear!

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Delicious everything!! I saw gooseberries, and love,