27 August 2010

looking back at what we did makes me want to go back.

The biggest gift that extreme emotion can give us is that the most intense beauty can emerge from it. This sounds ridiculously cliché, but once you experience it first hand, you’ll know. You’ll know. Within the core of the core of the self lies something deeply awesome, but no one ever wants to go there because it can be really painful. Once you enter this 'awesome / painful' area, all you can and should do to feel in control is grab as much inspiration as possible. I had a writing teacher in high school give me the best, shortest advice: ‘don’t think about it, just write’. That is what I’m doing when I’m writing this paragraph: no stopping, just banging my fingers on the keys. I then go back and change, tweak, whatever, but when I’m writing, my head is separate from my body. My heart is doing the word purging, my head is off to the side, waiting to weigh in when necessary. The struggle to create is as important as the creation itself.

And I end with: my camera is the greatest relationship I’ve ever had: it’s always been there for me, it always delivers, it waits patiently without judgement, it’s always honest, it will never leave.


Oye Sancho said...

"And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make". Fits right in, doesn't it? Yeah, those guys were good......

amanda allen said...

Sara, you're work has inspired me for years now. Thank you for your images and words.
When the times creep in where I feel like i have nothing or anyone I immediately feel better remembering I always have photography and creating.