10 January 2009

thank you, kathryn

Kathryn, my rep from Tidepool (Brooke is the other fabulous one) posted this quote by Paulo Coelho for me a few months ago. It's simple and true, especially in a business where you are constantly faced by creative and financial setbacks. I've always struggled with the idea that there is an "end" to our efforts, like someday we will magically be at our destination that we worked so hard to get to. There is no end, and there is no beginning; just a path, and the most important part about your goal is what you do on your journey to reach that goal. Because 'goal' in a sense, is very abstract. When we reach "it", it's no longer there, and we create a new reason to strive and struggle again and again and again.

Published by
Paulo Coelho
on November 13, 2008
in Q&A

Q: If you were offered one of your dreams to come true, what would you prefer?

A: "I don’t like to think of “being offered” a dream. I’ve learnt that this is a pointless fantasy. Reality is rather on the side of those that know that they have to “fight for their dreams”. My personal legend has always been to become a writer. I’m glad I can say that i’m fulfilling my dream. But this must not the interpreted as “the end of the line” – on the contrary – I have to commit everyday in order to stay in this path that I’ve chosen. One is constantly challenged – even by success."

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Jodi Jam said...

journey or destination? destination or journey? will we ever realize it during the present - or will it always be an afterthought? gorgeous photos, sara. you are well beyond food and still life....this is you. keep it up.